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2024 Memorial Day Car Cruise

2024 Memorial Day Car Cruise News


The planning for the car cruise is continuing in April.  We currently have $ 1,100 in checks collected with another $ 1,700 promised in donations. Last year we had $ 3,750 donated.  In April those donors who promised donations have to be revisited to pick up their checks.  April is also the month we concentrate on getting donations of gift cards and Chinese auction baskets.  If you can help by putting together a basket it would be of great help.  The basket should be at least $ 50. in value.  Last year we had 28 baskets. Another way you can help is by donating gift cards from your favorite places or purchasing lottery tickets.  Don and Rita Granata will collect these items from you and use them to build several baskets.


St. Joseph Pilgrimage

St. Joseph Pilgrimage

Shown below are several photos of the recent St. Joseph Pilgrimage held in our diocese last month.

Good Shephard Center

Happy Solemnity of Saint Joseph! The Pilgrimage has begun this morning in the Saint Joseph Chapel at Christ Our Shepherd Center with a prayer service led by Bishop Larry J. Kulick. Please join the 80 bus pilgrims at the next stop of the Saint Joseph Pilgrimage for 9:00 Morning Prayer at Saint Joseph Church, Derry.


St. Joseph in Derry

Next, Pilgrims attended Morning Prayer at Saint Joseph Church, Derry celebrating Saint Joseph: Patron of a Happy Death. Saint Joseph bread was blessed and distributed to all in attendance. The service was followed by a panel of experts who discussed the importance of planning a Catholic funeral and making arrangements early…easing the burden for your family, and making sure they know what you wish. The next stop of the pilgrimage will be Mass at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral. There Bishop Larry J. Kulick will promulgate his pastoral letter Donum Veritatis: The gift of Truth. If you are not able to join us in person at 11:45 AM, the Mass will be livestreamed on Facebook and the Diocese website.

St. Joseph in Everson

The next stop of the pilgrimage was at Saint Joseph, Everson. Here the pilgrims unloaded the thousands of items donated by the schools and the faithful off the bus to build a Saint Joseph Altar. Bishop Larry J. Kulick reflected on Immigrants and how they have always been the foundations of our Diocese. He blessed all of the items donated, Saint Joseph bread and fava beans. Those present then sorted the donated items and carried them to the parish hall. Please join us for the final stop of the pilgrimage, 6 PM at Saint Joseph, Uniontown for Adoration.



Blessed Sacrament Cathedral

Pilgrims prayed the rosary on the bus as they traveled to Blessed Sacrament Cathedral for Mass. At the Mass Bishop dedicated the Diocese of Greensburg under the protection of Saint Joseph, and promulgated his pastoral letter Donum Veritatis: The Gift of Truth. All are welcome to join us at the next stop, Saint Joseph, Everson, at 3:00 for Afternoon Prayer, where we will reflect on Saint Joseph: Patron of Immigrants.

St. Joseph in Uniontown


The final stop of the Saint Joseph Day Pilgrimage was Saint Joseph Church, Uniontown. Here Bishop Larry J. Kulick gave a wonderful reflection on Saint Joseph: Patron of Vocations and protector of the Eucharist. Exposition of The Blessed Sacrament and adoration followed. He blessed Saint Joseph bread, candles, water, crosses and frames for the participants to build a Domestic Altar. This church, like all the others on the pilgrimage, was packed to overflowing with the faithful from the Diocese. Blessings to all who attended and Happy Saint Joseph Day to all!

Catholic Men's Fellowship

Catholic Men's Fellowship

Emmaus Retreat

Is being rescheduled to June 21st to June 23rd, 2024 at the St. Paul of the Cross Retreat Center in Pittsburgh. The cost is $200 per retreatant.  

THE EMMAUS ROAD (The Gospel of Luke 24:13-35)
The disciples were returning to Emmaus after the crucifixion of Jesus when they encountered a man who wanted to know what was troubling them. He walked with them and opened their hearts and minds to Scripture and what it said about Jesus – the promised Messiah. Arriving at Emmaus, they invited the man to stay for dinner. At the table, He broke bread, gave thanks, and handed it to the disciples. At once, their eyes were opened, and they recognized the man as the risen Lord.
Immediately, He vanished from their sight leaving them with the bread, a renewed faith, and an everlasting sign of his Holy

What is a Men’s Emmaus Weekend Retreat?
An Emmaus Men’s Retreat is a spiritual retreat for men. It is organized and given by laypeople who are your peers in the community and who face the same challenges – and successes – that you do daily. The weekend begins on Friday evening and ends on Sunday afternoon; its purpose is to give you the opportunity to ponder and reflect upon your life, and on your individual relationship with Jesus Christ. The men who attend Emmaus are ordinary men who come from all levels of society.
How much does it cost? The all-inclusive cost for the weekend is $200 per attendee. This includes a private room and all meals (including snacks) Friday evening through Sunday lunch. Contact Santos Hernandez, at (412) 427-2302 / for additional information.

Click on the link below for registration form!

These Men Called Knights


From Your District Deputy

These Men Called Knights


              A guide to Council Leadership

Brothers, I would like to share with you key Councils positions. Councils. As you can see there is a specific Council leadership structure The Grand Knight appoints members to the various positions. He may also ask the the Deputy Grand Knight or Chancellor to take on specific roles.  Usually the Grand Knight, Deputy Grand Knight and Chancellor are two year elected positions with a nominating committee chosen by the Grand Knight to select candidates and ask them to step up. An officer can serve more than two years, but by moving through the chairs insures continuity 

District Deputy:  It is my responsibility to help at each Council fill these positions and assist in the training of the leadership team. In addition, the District Deputy helps the Council to facilitate programs, develop budgets, insure retention and organize membership recruiting which is responsibility of not only the membership chairman, but all members to recruit new members.

Chaplain:   Serves as spiritual advisor to council members (and their families) and provides faith formation during council meetings.

Grand Knight:  in a timely manner. Conducts the council semi-annual Presides over all meetings.  Appoints council chaplain, program and membership directors, and committees. Countersigns checks and orders for payment.
Monitors council progress towards earning Star Council Award.
Ensures all council forms and reports are submitted audit.

Deputy Grand Knight:   Assists the grand knight with operation of the council and any other duties assigned to him by the grand knight, presides at council meetings in the absence of the grand knight, and often serves on the council’s Retention Committee.

Chancellor:  Responsible for encouraging members’ participation in council programs, assists the grand knight and deputy grand knight with their duties and often serves on the council’s Admission Committee.

Financial Secretary:   Ensures that the council membership records are updated and that new members sign the Constitutional Roll.  Files various reports and membership/insurance transactions with the Supreme Council.    Responsible for completing and submitting the proper Form 990 (U.S. only).
Keeps the seal of the council and affixes it to membership cards, resolutions and other official documents as necessary. Collects dues from members.
Responsible for sending billing notices and initiating retention measures

Recorder:  Responsible for keeping and maintaining a record of council meetings and maintains all correspondence of the council, oversees all council communications, social media pages, and council calendar.

Treasurer: Responsible for handling council funds. Receives money from financial secretary and deposits it in the proper council accounts.  Responsible for paying all council expenses.

Lecturer:  Responsible for providing suitable educational and entertaining programs during the “Good of the Order” section of council meetings.

Advocate : Acts as parliamentarian for the council.  Should have a working knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order, Charter, Constitution & Laws, and council by-laws. Responsible for seeking legal assistance from the state advocate when necessary.

Warden: Responsible for supervising and maintaining all council property.
Prepares council chambers for meetings and degree exemplifications.
Oversees inside and outside guards.

Inside and Outside Guards   Attends the doors of the council chamber, checks current membership cards and allows entrance and assists the warden with his responsibilities.

Board of Trustees: Supervises all financial business of the council and conducts semiannual audits.

Program Director: Works with the grand knight in scheduling council programs.    Manages chairmen and other Knights responsible for implementing the council’s programs and activities.   Keeps accurate records of council programs for reporting on the annual Survey of Fraternal Activity (#1728) and Columbian Award Application (SP-7).Keeps council’s public relations chairman informed of all programs for promotion.

Membership Director: Collaborates with the grand knight on council membership goals. Manages the Recruitment Committee, Retention Committee and Insurance Promotion Committee.Plans and coordinates the council’s schedule of recruitment programs.

Retention Committee Chairman: Creates and updates the new member plan, guiding Knights through the first months and year of membership. Contacts members in danger of being suspended and discusses their reasons for decreased activity.   Examines reasons why Knights become inactive and plans attractive programs to reengage the council's membership.

Don Granata

District Deputy 219

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity

Our Council has 3 volunteer days per year with the next one on Saturday  The day kicks off from the Council parking lot and departs via car pool at 8:30. Bring a lunch and drink (although they usually have water). No tools are required but you may want to bring work gloves. We finish by about 2PM and return to the Council lot by 2:30. If you plan to attend or have any questions, contact Jim Snitger at



VA Volunteer Services (VAVS)

Gently used Men’s and Women’s clothing that is in good to very good condition are still much needed. The VA asks for seasonal clothing at this time. Personal care items and monetary donations are always welcome. Please contact Lee Clark at for details and to make arrangements for clothing pickup.

Food Pantry


The Food Pantry is ONLY looking for car loaders every month to lift boxes into cars at the present time. The boxes weigh 40 -50 pounds. Groups are not helping at this time.

If you  would like to volunteer on the first Tuesday of the month around 5:30 pm please contact Dan Pilon at or leave a message on his answering service at (724) 325-4910. Thanks!

Tom Starn - Cereal Collection

This committee collects cereal boxes in memory of our dear brother Knight Tom Starn. Please keep up the great work on this ongoing project for our community. Boxes can be brought to the council meeting, any other meeting at the hall or contact Jim Snitger for pickup or delivery ( 412-334-4932).

Watch for the sales and you can buy multiple boxes for a great price!


Cereal Donations dropped off at the council hall meeting nights.

Thank you everyone for your very generous donations!!




Lee Clark is in need of volunteers to go to the VETs Center to play Bingo! If you would like to help, contact Lee at 412.627.5543 or for details. Watch for new dates to be announced soon.


COAL Tickets

(Chance Of A Lifetime)

2024 C.O.A.L. drawing is coming up on April 27, 2024.


Blood Drives

Blood Drives

Future blood drives will be announced when they are made available. We are still in need of a member knight to chair this very important activity. Anyone interested should please contact Robert Heinle at

Image result for blood drive clip art

Degree Schedule

 Degree Exemplification of Charity, Unity and Fraternity

None scheduled at this time

4th degree Exemplification

Degree Exemplification is being planned

Doubletree Hotel, Pittsburgh Cranberry, Mars PA.

Sunday, June 9, 2024

Mass .............................................................. 10:00 AM
Registration .............................. 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM
Exemplification ................................................ 1:00 PM
Ladies Luncheon ............................................ 12:30 PM
Banquet ............................................................ 3:30 PM


The basic fee of $70.00 includes registration with Supreme Council, a
Social Baldric, a PG-113 lapel pin, a certificate and one banquet ticket. A
check for the full amount must accompany the application. The fee is nonrefundable
after May 17, 2024. Any applications submitted/received
after May 17, 2024 will be charged a $10 late fee per application to be
paid by the Assembly.

Candidates will receive one Banquet Ticket with their kit. Extra Banquet
Tickets for candidates and members are $45.00 each and must be reserved
with the Master by May 17, 2024. No rebates will be provided for not
attending the banquet. All Banquet tickets will be distributed at the
REGISTRATION area before the Degree. Only the candidate is permitted
to pick up the package. Banquet tickets will be collected at the door.
Dress code for Master’s staff, Degree personnel and Assembly officers is
either a dark suit (black, dark grey or navy blue) and tie, or the new
Uniform. Guests at the Banquet must wear either a dark suit and tie, or the
new Uniform. The ladies should wear the appropriate formal dinner attire.

The ladies program will start at 12:30 PM. The cost of the luncheon is
$25.00 per person. All Luncheon Tickets will be distributed at the
REGISTRATION area prior to the degree. The fee is non-refundable
after May 17, 2024. Luncheon tickets will be collected at the door.



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