Faithful Citizenship

There’s a saying that “Money is the mother’s milk of politics”.

Another saying is “follow the money”.­­­­­­­

In 1985 a group of observant people noticed that a candidate receiving many donations early in a race helps to attract subsequent donors, and thus was started an organization called Emily’s List – where EMILY is an acronym that stands for Early Money Is Like Yeast” because “it makes the dough rise”. EMILY’s List bundles contributions to the campaigns of candidates in favor of abortion rights running in targeted races.

The success of Emily’s List has been phenomenal.  By 2013 its membership reached 3 million who raised and spent more than $400 million through 2016 to claim 1400 election victories.

The prolife movement fought back with the grass roots Susan B Anthony list now known as Susan B Anthony Pro-Life America.

However, all pro-life organizations are now being greatly challenged by the seemingly unsurmountable funding for proabortion candidates. Planned Parenthood has committed to contributing $50 million for the 2022 elections.                          

Susan B Anthony Pro-Life America (,

the Alliance Defending Freedom (,

National Right to Life (,

the Priests for Life (,

the Saint Thomas More Society (,

and the Becket Fund (

are dedicated and trustworthy organizations that merit consideration for your support. Now is the time to get involved to defend the sanctity of life, the sanctity of marriage, the sanctity of our human sexuality, our rights of conscience, and our religious freedom, generally

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